5 Ways to Effectively Thrift

5 Ways to Effectively Thrift

Thrifting is one of my favorite ways to save money and be more environmentally conscious while satisfying a new clothing splurge. When I first started thrifting it took me a long time to figure out how to effectively find things I would actually wear, so I have compiled a list of tips to help you score the deals you want. 

Accept the fact it is not going to be glamorous: Thrift stores are often not the most glamorous and can often be overwhelming. The best way to get over this is to take deep breaths and start with the stuff you think you need the most or what’s most exciting.

Pick your store wisely: Some thrift stores are better than others and it helps to scope out local thrift stores than immediately going to a chain like goodwill. Also, insider tip: many thrift stores have 50% off clothes sales near any holiday and you can look on their website to see when the best deals are (Savers and Goodwill both do this)

Access your style: When thrifting it helps to be inspired. I keep saved posts on Instagram about fashion ideas I would like to try to create so that way if I see something similar in a store I know how I can make it work in my wardrobe. I also follow people or hashtags that help me stay inspired, inventive, and creative.

Don’t quit when you don’t find exactly what you want: Often times I walk into a thrift store and have a specific idea of what I want and walk out with something completely different. 

Grabbing a coffee and a friend and heading to a thrift store is one of my favorite things because whether you find something vintage or something designer most of the fun is in the hunt.

I have often found that fashion is very seasonal and my last piece of advice is do not accumulate clutter and make sure to clear out things that no longer bring you joy. Once you go through your clothes, you can resell them, donate them or you can create a clothing swap with your friends where you all bring a bag of clothes and trade.

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