3 Indoor Plants for Beginners

3 Indoor Plants for beginners and how to keep them alive

I am ashamed to say I have killed a fair amount of houseplants in my time. And I definitely relate to the frustration of wanting a cute plant in your house and then somehow managing to kill it within a couple of weeks. So now that I have figured out how to grow and keep plants alive I wanted to share the plants I think would make great first house plants and tips for keeping them alive.

Snake Plant (Mother in Law’s Tongue): This is one of my favorite houseplant because it is very aesthetic and very hardy. This plant can survive in a wide range of light but prefers consistent indirect sunlight. Like with most plants, the snake plant does not like to be overwatered so its best to let it completely dry out between waterings. Also one thing I have noticed in repotting my snake plant is that the roots are fairly short and shallow so it helps them grow more straightly up if you bury them more deeply in the soil than you would another plant. 

String of Pearls Plant: This is by far one of my favorite plants I have in my house. This is a plant that is great for draping over a windowsill or hanging because the pearls will overflow and hang down. This plant has grown super well in my house as long as it has direct sunlight and is watered whenever soil is dry to the touch. I think this plant is a great accent and is so unique. One tip for replanting is that to get direct sunlight and to help them grow more easily pot them towards the surface of the pot and generally a shallower pot is best. 

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is one plant I can’t seem to say no to no matter how many I have. Aloe Vera is so handy for those Texas summer sunburns and is a surprisingly easy to care for plant. It can survive in many lights but prefers indirect sunlight and it does not need to be watered very frequently because it prefers dryer soil to grow. The main thing is making sure it’s pot is big enough to grow and that it’s roots are properly planted, after that you can really leave it alone to do it’s thing.

My overall general tip is not to overwater and to make sure you strategically place plants in places that get some natural sunlight. When the leaves in your plants turn lighter in color that generally means they could use some more sunlight and generally if the leaves are turning yellow/ are drooping they could use some more water. 

Hope y’all enjoy! Happy Planting!

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