How to Start Meditating for Beginners

Meditation has been shown to improve anxiety, stress, emotional regulation and can help keep your brain healthy. Meditation is like a deep breath for your mind, and if you are anything like me then your mind could probably use it. 

Create the Space or Time

In a world where we have a million things going on at a time, creating a space where you can clear your mind is crucial. If you have a quiet room, that’s works great but if you’re like me with a full house your quiet room can often be invaded. This is where I really try to  focus on the time I set aside to meditate. Early mornings or right before bed has worked the best for me. It’s energizing to start and end your day with a clear mind to put away the clutter of the day.

Start Small

The first time I tried to meditate for 20 minutes. I created my space and about 30 seconds later I started to wonder, “Am I done yet?”. The answer was no, there was still an excruciating 19 minutes and 30 seconds left until I could cross the next thing off my to do list. After one failed attempt I realized I should start with 5 minutes. I also even started budgeting a 10 minute meditation while I stretched after I worked out. This helped acclimate my brain to meditating and with repetition I slowly was able to increase my time with greater control. 

Grow Consistently

When I first started the idea of scavenging time to sit quietly did not feel practical or appealing. But allowing myself the flexibility to do it in the morning, after my workout or in the evening or all 3 has allowed me to steadily increase the time I spent calm in the present. Baby steps initiate growth and where there is growth there is strength. 

The app I used to start meditating is called Insight Timer and is a free app!

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