Blogs, Podcasts & Ideas to Stay Informed & Grow Your Skills to Succeed

Everyone wants to be successful but it can be difficult to discern where to start. I used to feel like I was at a standstill because I could not decide how or what I should do to propel me towards where I wanted to be. That’s when I made a shifted my mentality, from a goal orientated mindset towards a learning one. 

You never know what skills or knowledge you may need to know in career or in life so the more informed you are the better you can overcome challenges in your everyday life.

Here are some ways I began shifting my mentality and used learning as inspiration and motivation.

Find Ways to Stay Informed 

For me it is hard for me to sit down and read. So I have started using Podcast, Youtube, and Audible as resources I can learn from while during chores or working out.

My subscriptions


Ted Talks Daily keeps me inspired. Everyday I get to hear people passionately talk about innovations, perspectives and ideas. This exposure helps keep me inspired by giving me new ways to think and solve the problems that affect me.

NPR podcast helps keep me informed on current issues. Though this is just one of the many perspectives out there I have found that being informed on what is going on is the first step to forming my own opinion that will help inform my actions and help me leave a more intentional mark on the world.

Optimal Finance Daily tackles the taboo topic of finances. You get a bunch of perspectives from various bloggers covering a variety of topics and I have discovered and implemented so many tips that I have not heard from anyone else. Your finances are a large part of your future so it makes sense to learn as much as you can.

Youtube: For hilarious informative content

Both of these YouTube channels have a similar approach to modern topics. I have found the news channels or newspapers a little difficult to keep up with consistently. These channels I have found are a lighthearted way to keep up with the difficult topics that plague our nation and also allow you to do further research on the topics that affect you directly.

Be Multidimensional

Diversify your skills. Even if it doesn’t directly fit into your life know look into skills of things you are interested in and learn them. Many skills you can even get certificates for which will boost your personal value. Diversify your experiences. Engage with media of different perspectives to make your more dynamic and to retain a good life perspective. 

Make Intentional Time

This is the hardest part but if you can create time set aside to work with your schedule to learn you will drastically increase the knowledge to call upon when you face difficult times or problems. It will also help you figure out what your passions are, because you might hear something that resonates with you then you can do more research into it.

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