How To Maximize Your Facebook Ads

Whether for your personal business, brand, products or ideas Facebook ads can help you reach a wider audience, open the door to new markets, and help legitimize your efforts. 

The goal of this blog post is to help you get the best return of investment in your Facebook ads. I recently had to learn this whole process for my own business so I wanted to share the  things and tools that really made a difference. 


To create a Facebook ad there can be a lot of pressure to do everything yourself. I used to spend hours searching through the photos I had taken to find one that fit the aesthetic I was looking. Instead of that you can utilize free stock photos.  My own personal preference is to use Pexels. Through this website you can search for anything sometimes I have even just searched a color and gotten amazing results.

Once you have the picture you want, you may need to edit it with text for your page and I recommend editing it on canva. I have heard great things but have only used it briefly so it’s definitely worth checking out. 

Finally, when structuring the text of your ad, the less words the better the ad. Too many words can discourage or confuse the message to your target audience. Generally, there is a 3 sentence  rule worth following. The first sentence is your zoning in on your target audience through a frustration. If you find out what your audience wants, identify a problem inhibiting them it opens the door for them to accept your proposal. Finally, to conclude your ad you want to add an offer of value, depending on your business this can be  a consultation, access to products, or free book and training. Once you create your offer of value make sure to ask for an email or phone number in exchange so you can follow up later.

Demographic Tool

Facebook has great demographics tools. The homework is to define your target audience. Think about the city, income, and any target words that could generalized the people your offer could most benefit.  Since this is a complicated tool I have included a link to a Youtube video I thought a visual representation was helpful when trying to narrow down your demographic. 

Cost Management

Final with any strategy  is a fair amount of trial and error. In order to not waste money on ineffective ads I recommend starting out with two variations of the same as either with a different picture or different phrasing and then waiting for the results to determine which ad you should run for a long period of time. It’s a cost effective way to see which advertising strategies work.

Final note there are some really great videos about Facebook ads with a whole bunch of theories I recommend checking out before making one. As with most things the more informed you are the better outcome you will have!

Good luck!

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