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Lymphatic Massage: What It Is & How It Can Help

I found myself desperately needing a massage after having the flu. My body was achey and I had significantly lower energy levels than normal. It felt like my body had not quite recovered even though it had been weeks.

I was scrolling through the options on the website of my go-to massage place and saw something called a lymphatic massage and was puzzled, I had never heard of it before. A lymphatic massage is very different than your normal stereotypical massage. Instead of muscling away your stress, a lymphatic massage gently encourages the movement and reallocation of lymph fluids throughout your body.

Lymph fluid is composed of predominately white blood cells and is responsible for getting rid of toxins and waste. The lymph nodes filter the lymph fluid and are responsible for creating the cells used to fight infections. Lymph cells cluster in various parts of the body and when swollen they can impede the movement and distribution of the cells.

This is where a lymphatic massage can be handy because through gentle pressure it can clear blockages to help you fight off the lingering sickness symptoms.

When I first got to my massage, I did not really know what to expect. I was anticipating it to be more or less like every other massage I had gotten, but I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of starting by laying on your stomach, I started laying on my back so she could begin clearing any blockages at the base of my neck and collarbones by applying gently repeated pressure.

The primary focus of this massage was in my neck, shoulders, and stomach. This focus was to help promote better circulation throughout my whole body. I almost immediately felt a difference in my congestion but my massage therapist said that if you get this massage at the beginning of your sickness it can actually make your symptoms worse while your body quickly moves to fight off your infection.

Additionally, I had heard of this massage as a Hollywood tip for stomach tightening. As someone who struggles with stomach pains and bloating, I highly recommend giving it a try. The pressure to specific areas of your stomach helped get circulation to the denser parts of my stomach. This allows toxins to be cleared and my body to felt lighter than when I went in. I think a lymphatic massage is great to give your body a boost to complete what it does naturally.

I was overall pleasantly surprised by the results of my massage. I would be happy to give it another try the next time I feel the smallest bit of swelling in my lymph nodes and also think it offers some really great benefits for long term consistent use.

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